Guerrilla marketing inspired creative ways to promote your local business

Every small business reaches a plateau.

When YOU reach this position, ask yourself whether you want to invest resources in taking the next step or settling with the revenue stream you’ve built till that point.

It’s solid, pays the bills, leaves room for you to play with small investments on the side, why mess with it?

I understand, I really do.

We’ve all been there.

I see small market businesses face this decision each and every day.

The thing that stood out most to me, is how hard it was for owners and managers to create sustainable tactic that would be able to connect their sales team on the ground with the promotional activities conducted online.

The modern shopper tends to complete the research phase online and visit your physical location just to complete the purchase.

Anyone noticing the opportunity here?

You just need to make yourself visible to your target audience online and provide a good enough reason for them to reach out to you directly

This is how you really start the conversation and build a connection.

Wish this was easy as 1-2-3, but it isn’t.

I’m gonna be real with you.

Even if you’ve done your SEO, SEM, PPC or any other strategy you’re currently running; the right way, things get tricky when you need to build a loyal audience.

The bridge that connects these two worlds of digital and brick-and-mortar marketing is Guerrilla Marketing, the rugged and always ready to surprise area of business promotion known to occasionally result with a PR avalanche.

When done correctly, guerrilla marketing can transform your audience from mere followers to advocates that relate to your brand.

I don’t care if you’re a neighborhood bakery or a fast food joint. You will expand quickly when combining digital and guerrilla marketing tactics.

The real questions is …

Do you want this?

For those of you willing to improve their current situation and open to new promotional ideas, continue reading this article as we’ll explore and explain some creative guerrilla marketing tactics that can help you:

  • Grow your business and its digital presence,
  • Build a story around your brand,
  • Connect your inbound and outbound marketing channels,
  • Transform your audience into followers and advocates.

Enough chitchat, let’s get you in front of your audience using a method they would never expect.

Let’s go full GUERRILLA:

Pop Up Shop

Interesting tactic that becomes a necessity in some niches and I’m sure you’ve experienced it in first person at some point of your life.

The garage sale on steroids version for businesses is something you must consider. Small business owners tend to steer clear from the idea as it seems like a huge investment in both time and resources.

To avoid getting stuck with a project you can’t pull off, just stick to these simple guidelines:

Location is key

Well duh … Is this your first day in marketing?

Besides scouting for a spot your target audience frequently hoovers around, you should also keep an eye whether your logistic needs are covered.

You don’t want building a brand new shop from scratch. Leave this to the big money brands.

If you’re a small clothing brand targeting young adults, find a cultural center or a library where you can put couple of racks with your coolest designs and improvise a catwalk to showcase them right there on the spot.

Solve “The Five Minute Internship” from solve on Vimeo.

The above example of how Solve, creative agency from Minneapolis, set up a pop up internship interview room on the premises of a college campus and gave each participant 5 minutes to solve a real case study, is a great example of how to use the element of location to your advantage.

We covered the where, now let’s talk about the how.

Build An Experience Worth Remembering

You got them.

Your audience is impressed by your creative way of reaching out to them.

But is this enough?

I was walking through the city couple of days ago and I start hearing some BIG tunes out of nowhere. Followed the sound for couple of blocks and ended up at a midday bus party.

Setup by a local news hub, this little pop up spot gathered around hundred people and it got featured across the local news scene the next day.

What I noticed is that girls employed by the company were giving away branded phone stickers as people were leaving the event.

Why is this key?

This way you’re building a bond with your audience that will last forever, or at least till they loose the sticker.

Make sure you pick a giveaway echoing your brand’s message that’s also worth keeping in your customer’s eyes.

This Guinness campaign targeting the Romanian market is a great example of a freebie your customers will keep forever.

Always Be Selling

Inventing a creative way to promote your business puts you in a place to expand your sales channel.

Imputing all the things making you special and unique into your guerrilla marketing tactics while being able to close deals can be a tricky en devour.

Having in mind modern shoppers don’t like it when you shove them your product in their face and force feed them with your promotional material.

You must be smooth, but you must do it.

Staying with the before-mentioned bus party example from the previous heading, imagine the publicity the team organizing the event would get if they were giving away bracelets with branded hashtags.

Now imagine the avalanche when the team organizing the event announces they’re giving out 20% vouchers to everyone that shares a photo with the bracelet and the hashtag on social media.

Adding a competition to the mix is like spilling gas on fire.

Just watch as your social impact grows.

These people will experience what your brand is all about and tell this to their friends.

Trust me.

Hope this gives you enough ideas for your next team meeting on Monday.

Catch Your Leads With Geo-Fencing

Snapchat is probably the leader in this field as you can select the exact geographical area you’re targeting and provide enough content to your target audience, so they get hooked up with your brand.

Just add your own branded stickers and repeat the steps we explained when we talked about the importance of being able to sell at all times in the previous paragraph.

Create on demand Snapchat geo filters

You can achieve the same targeting level around your business location on Facebook’s network through their Reach Ads module.

Google geofencing API

The world is you canvas


  • Smart targeting,
  • Always sell,
  • Organize contests,
  • Give memorable giveaways,
  • Include your branded channels,
  • Gather data,
  • Manage your budget smartly.

Yep, that’s probably it.

Here’s a little inspiration with some of the coolest guerrilla marketing campaigns I’ve found while writing this article.


I know you got those ideas brewing right now, so don’t feel awkward and contact us with any questions you may have.

We’re here to help you grow.

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